Finally! How To Masterfully Navigate The NICU Without Neglecting The Rest Of Your Life In Just Minutes Per Day.*nicu_beard_fancy_white*png?alt=media&token=91d6a512-4a3a-47a3-a50a-b8328737e81a

Finally! How To Navigate The NICU As A Man & A Father, Without Letting The Rest Of Your Life Get Away From You.


Enter the NICU is the foundation book that tells it like it is from past NICU Dads. From those detailed experiences, we created a 7 page NICU Navigation Guide.

This 7 page Navigational Guide is your toolkit to being in control of your NICU experience. It can be read in less than 15 minutes and has been written by past NICU / Preemie Dads for new NICU / Preemie Dads.

It includes all the really clever and practical ways to manage ALL the important things at this time in your life at the NICU:

Your Wife / Partner
Your Newborn NICU Child or children
The NICU Team
Your Work
Your Bills
Your Family
Your Older kids
Your Friends
Your Pets

This NICU Navigation Guide shares how past NICU / Preemie Dads have managed their family, friends, work, important relationships & most importantly, their priorities in life, throughout the NICU experience.*IMG_1677*JPG?alt=media&token=44bf2e1c-5de2-4c7b-b674-420c2e1c8911